Service Example 3

Example #3

You plan on building a home or business on the eastside, and you are wondering what it takes to get started. We can assist you by reducing the legwork involved in finding out the facts for you. We are able to obtain information from any municipality within King County. What we will do- find out if your business or residential project is properly zoned for the location of interest to you; Find out whether you can build a structure on your site and learn about any environmental concerns. We can perform a site evaluation with City Staff and learn about building setbacks, building heights, design review issues, parking issues, and potential community concerns. We can assist you with finding a reputable architect and or builder. Most of all we will protect you from any persons or parties taking advantage of you.  If you are planning on building either a  residential or commercial structure, you need to consider a performance bond in case your contractor goes broke.

Other issues to consider: If you plan on forming a partnership, you should seek legal counsel and consider a Partnership agreement that includes a death clause, buyout clause, and mediation clause to name a few. Need a good business attorney, I can provide you a referral. Contact us to learn more. Go to Example #4