About Us

Be Prepared Investigative Services (BPIS) is a specialized investigative corporation providing in depth and comprehensive reports involving White Collar crimes, including insurance fraud, embezzlement, employee misconduct, theft, identity (persons or companies), background investigations, and asset verification.  In addition, we can assist you with any matter involving code enforcement violations against your home or business involving any land use matter, building, zoning, or housing violation within King County. We can also assist you with obtaining permits for your home or business. We provide a free assessment of time and costs associated with any service we provide in writing. Rates

Our company also offers directly to you survival supplies for your home, office and auto. Be Prepared Survival Supplies offers, First Aid Kits, 72 hour back packs of an assortment of survival supplies, freeze dried foods, and most commonly used tools. Click here for survival supplies.

We also sell bulk quantity of freeze dried food that will last your family months or years, with shelf life expectancy from anywhere from 10-25 years, depending on manufacture’s specifications. Please visit the link for more information about Be Prepared Survival Supplies.