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These interesting links are informative and very entertaining. We hope some of these links will educate you, some will assist you in your work, and others are there for your entertainment. Have fun!
Federal Trade Commission Homepage
Info on the Fair Credit Reporting Act
US Department of Justice ADA Homepage
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Homepage
Federal Bureau of Investigation Homepage
Department of Labor Homepage
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration drug/alcohol testing regulations
National Human Resources Association
National Association of Manufacturers
online law dictionary
online legal research site
Social Security Administration Homepage

Sarbanes-Oxley Law

Gramm-Leach Bliley Act

Washington State Department of Licensing for Private Investigators

Washington State Department of Licensing Private Investigator Agency Study Guide

Washington State government information site

Map Quest (door-to-door driving directions)

Bellevue Police Foundation, Bellevue Chamber of Commerce, and Bellevue Police Departments

Bellevue Chamber of Commerce

Bellevue Police Department

Private Investigations