Retail Sales Information

Retail Sales

Be Prepared Survival Supplies is a distributor selling to other e-commerce distributors, store owners, schools, church, government agencies, and non- profit organization, etc. We also sell to the general public.

If your company/organization is interested in placing a bulk order, please visit our “Request a Quote” page.

If you are interested in purchasing some of our products, please view the homepage links to receive low prices and great service.

“Request a Quote” Information

This section allows schools, government agencies, church organizations, hospitals, businesses, and other groups to place a bulk order.

Please fill out the information so we can provide you an accurate quote for the price of your order.

Quotes generally are given within 24-48 hours. Because you are purchasing direct from the source, we guarantee to have the lowest price!

If a new company quotes a lower price, we guarantee to beat that price by up to 5%. You must provide us a copy of the quote on their letter head via email through PDF file format.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take you to ship out an order?
We are dedicated to shipping all orders we receive as fast as possible. We usually ship all orders within 48 hours but we usually claim 2-5 business days just to be safe.

Do you charge for drop shipping?
We have no annual or monthly charges for drop shipping. We do however charge handling fees for small orders. During our promotional sales, we offer free shipping, which we can opt to change at anytime.

Please note that you are responsible for paying all UPS or Freight shipping charges when applicable, but not during our free shipping promos. We DO NOT offer free UPS shipping or free Freight shipping, except again during our free promos. At the checkout site, it will determine if shipping is applicable. Currently we ship only within Washington State. There is free shipping for orders over $300.00.

What happens if an item is damaged or non functional?
If a customer complains that an item is not working properly (i.e. a radio or flashlight), we will ship out the new item directly to the customer. They will just need to send a short letter us know exactly what the problem is. You will need to email or fax your letter to us at 1-425-698-1398.
All claims must be turned in within 20 days of the order.

10% re-stocking fee for all returns unopened. We do not accept returns after 20 days from the date of order.

If an item has been damaged through shipping, you will need to contact UPS and let them know of the problem. You must inspect your box at the time of pick up or delivery, Let the clerk or driver know immediately. The first $100 of value for insurance is free. We highly recommend shipping insurance for orders over $100. Again, UPS is responsible for any damage. We expect you to examine contents upon delivery.

What happens if an item is missing from an order?
If an item is missing from the order they will need to let us know within 30 days of the order. We will ship out the missing item direct to your customer for no additional charge. This obviously costs us money to do so we are very careful to not make these types of mistakes and it has been an extremely rare occurrence.

Does your company provide “blind shipping?”
Yes. Our shipping labels obviously have our return address, but for your shipments we will not have our company name located on the label. It will simply say “Fulfillment Warehouse.”